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Wings Helps the MDA Close the NASDAQ

On September 2, 2011, Wings representatives, Ken Heath, co-founder Warren Schiffer, and Larry Schiffer, joined the MDA in closing the NASDAQ exchange in advance of the MDA's Labor Day Telethon on Sunday, Septmember 4th, from 6:00 p.m. to 12 Midnight.  Warren and Larry will be on the NY segment of the Telethon at approximately 9:00 p.m. on My9 NY.  Ken and Lisa Utasi will be on the NY segment of the Telethon on Sunday at approximately 11:30 p.m.  Ace Young, from American Idol and Hair on Broadway will be hosting the NY segment of the Labor Day Telethon, along with Russ Salzberg and Brenda Blackmon from My9.


Researchers at Northwestern May Have Found a Common Cause for All Types of ALS

A study published in Nature on August 21, 2011, suggests that researchers at Northwestern's Feinberg School of Medicine may have found a common cause for all types of ALS - a malfunctioning protient recycling system.  Click here to read the press release.  This may be a major breakthrough in developing treatments for ALS if the common disease process identified by Northwestern is really a common disease process.  But other ALS researchers caution that there is a long way to go to determine whether what the researchers at Northwestern found is, in fact, a common cause that will allow for theraputic attacks.  The lead researcher, Dr. Siddique, spoke recently at Columbia University's Motor Neuron Center, which is one of the institutions funded by Wings.  Let's hope that this finding pans out and leads to movement toward finding a cure and treatments for ALS.  Help us fund the researchers by donating to Wings 2011 today.


Wings Raffle Tickets On Sale Now!!! Australia Anyone?

Have you ever dreamed of a trip to Australia? MDA's Wings Over Wall Street® combines a great cause with a great destination: funding ALS research and a trip to the land down under. Only 1500 tickets will be sold, increasing the odds of winning with each ticket purchased. Tickets are available from the Wings/MDA office by calling 212.682.5272, purchasing them at Wings Bar Night on July 13th at Public House, or from any Wings committee member. Good luck and thank you for your support!!!


Wings 2011 Bar Night Scheduled for July 13th

Save the date for Wings Bar Night:  Wednesday, July 13, from 6-9pm at the Public House, in NYC.

This Summer, MDA's Wings Over Wall Street® kicks off our ALS fundraising efforts with Bar Night. This precursor to our Gala in September features guest bartenders from the Wings committee. That's right! You will be served tasty drinks by some of your colleagues and friends, as they go out of their way to make you feel great about a great cause; funding research and promoting awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease). This exciting evening includes an open bar and appetizers from 6-9pm at one of New York's great bars/restaurants. Grab your co-workers, friends, and family and join us on July 13th. We look forward to seeing you there, and we thank you for joining us in the fight against ALS.

Purchase tickets for Bar Night on our secure site by clicking hereor call the MDA at212.682.5272


Wings 2011 Emcee Announced

Joe Kernen, co-anchor of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” has agreed to serve once-again as the 2011 Wings Gala emcee!  Joe brings a personal connection to ALS and we welcome him back to Wings. 


MDA Launches Anyone's Life Story: An ALS Awareness Campaign

During the month of May, ALS Awareness Month, the MDA is introducing us to 31 unique and compelling stories of people diagnosed with ALS.  Approximately 80% of all ALS diagnoses are of the sporadic variety; meaning that it was not inherited.  This staggering number truly highlights that fact that ALS can be Anyone's Life Story.  We at Wings remain committed to fighting this devastating disease, so that no more stories about ALS will need to be written. You can help by supporting MDA's Wings Over Wall Street®

Please visit Anyone's Life Story by clicking here.


ALS Research Roundup May-June 2011 via MDA/ALS News Magazine

Article Highlights:

The latest research news as of April 2011:

  • Reactivated virus may contribute to ALS
  • ALS Biopharma to test heat shock protein
  • Glialogix to test new glutamate inhibitor
  • $2 million to ALS TDI.
  • TDP43 mouse model to be focus of new study
  • Dexpramipexole trial under way
  • NP001 now in phase 2 trial
  • Stem cell safety trial moves forward
  • Participants still needed for ceftriaxone trial
  • MDA National Scientific Conference focuses on five strategies

Read the full article with all the above highlights here.


BTIG Commissions for Charity Day: Please Help Defeat ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) April 27


MDA's Wings Over Wall Street®, the Muscular Dystrophy Association’s initiative speeding research seeking treatments for ALS, is participating in BTIG’s 9th Commissions for Charity Day next Wednesday. 

Please click on one or more of the following 30-second videos to see why all or a portion of your commissions should be earmarked to MDA’s fight against ALS: Nancy O’Dell, Entertainment Tonight testimonial; Neil Sellinger testimonial; “Make A Muscle, Make A Difference” PSA.

The success of the day is determined entirely by how much business institutional accounts choose to do with BTIG on that day.  Please support Wings Over Wall Street and all the other important causes we stand beside that day by sending your orders to BTIG. 

BTIG has the ability to trade equities (domestic and international), derivatives, futures and fixed income.

What is unique about this day and BTIG? 
BTIG now has 400+ employees with 1,500 active institutional accounts. This makes BTIG the perfect facility to provide the institutional community a great conduit to give back to a large group of important Charities.   With a leading position in trading volume on a daily basis vs. our peers, this Charity Day is a great one to support from the client's perspective.
If you currently do not have a relationship with BTIG, please call Steven Starker or Rick Blank at 212-593-7971.



Eight New Grants Bolster MDA’s Battle Against ALS

MDA's Wings Over Wall Street® is proud to fund the MDA's ALS Grant Program. In our fight against ALS, Wings funds research that will lead to effective treatments and a cure. Your support of Wings makes this all possible.

MDA's Clinic Direct Newsletter offers this latest look into the work being done to cure ALS.

Article Highlights:

  • MDA has awarded funding to help support eight new ALS research projects.
  • The ALS grants are part of 44 new grants awarded by MDA in February 2011.

We invite you to read this exciting article by clicking here.


Join MDA’s 2011 New York City Triathlon Team

Join MDA’s 2011 New York City Triathlon Team --make your miles count in the fight against ALS!

MDA provides participants with: 

  • Guaranteed race entry to the August 7, 2011 Race 
  • Online fundraising page and tools 
  • A guided training regiment and team coach 
  • Pool access in NYC 
  • Involvement in the wide array of other events hosted by MDA in NYC! 

Please contact Kaylan Scagliola or 212.682.5272 to get registered today!